In January 2021, in partnership with Electric Production and Distribution Services, Industrial Trade JSC, a comprehensive diagnostic of a section of the Kayas-Imrahor 154 kV line was performed. As a result of the demonstration, several line defects were identified that would have been impossible to determine using the classic line inspection.

Siberian-Ural Energy Company Organization, Russia

In January 2021 the 110 kV high-voltage line “KTETs-2 - Belozerskaya” in Kurgan became a platform for express monitoring of several kilometers of the line. Thanks to the multifunctional complex, for the first time in SUENCO JSC it became possible to look for damage on power lines, being directly on the switched on line, without taking the object for repair

“Rosseti”, South-West, Russia

In August 2020. express monitoring of the power line condition was carried out. The monitoring was carried out on 30 kilometers of the line, which was located in a swampy area. The use of CableWalker technology allowed to obtain a complete picture of the condition of the power line at a distance.

JSC “AJK”, JSC “MREK”, Kazakhstan

In December 2019. The ropeway technology carried out express monitoring of two power transmission lines in Kazakhstan, as a result of which the customer was satisfied with the result and is ready to use the technology in the future.

IDGC of Ural, Russia

In September 2019, an express monitoring of the Ural power line was carried out. The technology was of interest, since the use of the complex makes it possible to obtain relevant and objective data on the condition of the overhead line without lifting to the support. The use of the complex allows you to obtain relevant and objective data on the state of the overhead line without lifting to the support.