Maintenance of power lines

We provide services for applying grease to wires and ground wires, which allows you to prevent such processes as wire corrosion and the formation of frost and ice on the wire.

Maintenance of power lines with"Spider"platform.

Applying hydrophobic grease to the overhead line wire

• Prevention of occurrence of ice on the wires
• Working on an enabled power lines
• Low lubricant consumption without
• Loss of coating quality

Lubricants used:
1. Snowtech-1 – thin layer anti-icing fluid
2. Fluora-C1 – multifunctional polymer composition

Applying anti-corrosion grease to the overhead line wire

• Prevention of the process of corrosion formation on the wire
• Working on an enabled power lines
• Rendering oil-water-repellent properties

Lubricants used:
1. Fluora-B3 – long-lasting anti-corrosion protective coating
2. Fluora-D – one-layer, one-component varnish

Results of work

Protection against ice formation, frost and corrosion

Extension of the ground wire resource up to three years

Carrying out work without removing the wire or ground wire

Sectors of use

Humid climate

Freezing rains, snowfalls

Scheduled maintenance of power lines