An innovative digital robotic device for monitoring and maintaining power lines in real time, improving the efficiency of power grids.



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What is CableWalker

We create innovative solutions for diagnostics and maintenance of power lines

At the very beginning, we set a goal for ourselves: to secure and facilitate the maintenance of power lines


UAV services are much safer than the work of people on power lines


Using the CableWalker will significantly increase efficiency


The use of the system will reduce the cost of diagnostics and maintenance in hard-to-reach places

What are we doing

Contact diagnostics of power lines

Innovative diagnostic platforms allow you to identify damage and deviations from the norm with an accuracy of a meter, and own software will help to create a 3D model, collect a report and prepare recommendations

Local repair and maintenance

A new approach to maintenance and repair of power lines using UAVs allows operations to be carried out without direct contact with the power line, which ensures safety and speed

Pаrtnership with local and foreign companies