Complete diagnostics

Service for diagnosing the state of the power transmission line by the automated systeme "Cablewalker", which gives a complete picture of its current state without disconnecting the line.

Complete inspection of overhead lines using UAV "Dragonfly"

-Inspection of the security zone of the overhead line
-Checking the position of the transmission towers
-Checking the condition of the transmission towers (including traverses)
-Checking the condition of wires, overhead ground wires, insulator strings and contact

2 Instrumental control

-Overhead inspection of the overhead line by the "Cablewalker" systeme
-Inspection of the condition of foundations
-Thermal imaging control (thermal imaging diagnostics) of connecting clamps
-Checking the condition of wires, overhead ground wires, strings of insulators and contact connections (including magnetic scanning of the ground wire, wire core)

Laser scanning of the security zone, including control of dimensions and woody and shrubby vegetation zone

-Measurement of sagging arrows of wires and overhead ground wires
-Measurement of the width of the clearing on the route of overhead lines passing in forests, zones of green spaces
-Measuring the distance from wires to objects of approach and intersection
-Checking the distances from the wire to the ground and various objects
-Monitoring the state of the clearing and trees and shrubs in the protection zone of overhead lines

Data analysis, preparation of a technical report based on the data collected from the ground wire and each overhead line wire, preparation of recommendations.

Creation of a three-dimensional model of overhead lines

Results of work

Photo, video of the state of power lines

Thermal imaging data

Data of laser scanning of power lines

Magnetic flaw detection

Recommendations for the maintenance of overhead lines

3D-model of overhead line

Scope of work

- Identification of defects in suspensions
- Identification of defects in insulators
- Identification of defects in wires
- Identification of ground wire defects
- Identification of defects of vibration dampers
- Calculation of the angle of inclination of the transmission towers

- Predictive calculations at different temperatures
- Identification of threatening trees and shrubs
- Inspection of wire connections under load
- Identification of corona discharges in insulators
- Identification of internal breaks and section loss

Sectors of use

Scheduled monitoring of power transmission lines

Prevention of emergencies

Calculation of the scope of
work for the repair of overhead lines