Local repair platform

The "Wasp" platform carries out local repairs of wires and lightning protection cables of overhead lines. Repair is carried out by installing a clamp on the damaged area, in which one or several cores are torn off and unbraided. Due to its design features, such a clamp prevents further untwisting of the upper strand of the wire. The "Wasp" platform is equipped with a manipulator that sets the clamps, a wheel module for moving along the wire in order to position the manipulator over the place of damage, as well as a video camera for guidance.

Technologies used:

Temporary repair spring clip

Adhesive swivel repair sleeve

Spring loaded shunt clamp

Installing and removing short circuit indicators

Technical specifications:

Dimensions including propellers, mm


Curb weight, kg


Range on power line

Up to 4 km

Carrying capacity, kg


Flight duration without recharging

Up to 20 min

Communication range

1.5 km throughout the open area

Our advantages:

High productivity

Contact technology


Turned on power line

Data quality


Stages of work:

Obtaining information about damaged sections of wires and overhead ground wires of overhead lines based on the results of diagnostic work, or from an organization serving overhead lines.

Preparation of repair clamps for the required type of wires or overhead ground wires.

Field work on local repair.