Diagnostic platform

The Dragonfly platform is an unmanned aerial vehicle with 6 rotors (hexacopter). Moreover the platform has two wheel modules of a specialized design located in the front and rear parts allowing them to move along the cable (wire).

Platform modules:


UV Scanner

Thermal imager

Magnetic scanner

Laser scanner

Technical specifications:

Dimensions including propellers, mm


Curb weight, kg


Range on power line

Up to 5 spans without recharging

Carrying capacity, kg


Flight duration without recharging

Up to 20 min

Communication range

1.5 km throughout the open area

Our advantages:

High productivity

Contact technology


Turned on power line

Data quality


Stages of work:

Analysis of data on diagnosed overhead lines and the area around

Creation of information model and diagnostic mission

Field work, collection of data on the condition of the diagnosed line

Creation of a report and preparation of recommendations for the maintenance of overhead lines


CableWalker.exe - intended for storing passport parameters of the surveyed power line, design parameters of power lines processed the results of field examinations and the formation of reports on the condition of the power line based on the available templates.

Cable.Sim - ubsystem for computer modeling of power lines intended for automated programming full-scale inspection of power lines. Based on the digital model of the power line and the list of tasks for the survey a mission is being formed survey of the power line, which is used by the CableWalker platform in the automated and (or) automatic mode.

Cable.Mag – magnetic scanning data analysis subsystem and detection of defects: loss of section and local breaks wire.

Cable.Laser - laser data analysis subsystem scanning and detection of defects: violation of dimensions and arrows sag, support slopes along and across the power line route.

Cable.VideoExpert - The expert subsystem is designed for processing of photo and video images in order to identify defects of various types.

Data examples