On Thursday, October 4, in the Park named after the 850th anniversary of Moscow, was a demonstration of the robotic system CableWalker to representatives of the state grid company of Vietnam EVN National Power Transmission Corporation (EVN NPT).

Демонстрация «Канатоход» делегации из Вьетнама

The guests saw the flight of the diagnostic platform, the operation of the wheel module, video camera, thermal vision camera, magnetic scanner and the application of anti-corrosion coating on the stand. Also, FutureLab LLC demonstrated the software for the creation of the mission of the flight and video materials on tests in Dubai, which were held from 15 to 30 September.

“Many power lines in Vietnam are on a hilly terrain, therefore, critically important is the ability of CableWalker to climb a line on a corner lot. The wheel module in the current configuration is able to work with an angle of up to 15 degrees, but we already have developments that allow us to improve this figure,” said Alexey Sokolov, chief engineer of FutureLab LLC.

The demonstration was attended by: Mr. Nguyen Tuan Tang, President and chief Executive officer of EVN NPT, Ms. Luong Lan Dang, Director of the Department of international relations, Mr. Bui Wang Kyong, Director of the Department of human resources, Mr. Wang Wang Deng, Director of the Department of investment, Mr. Luong Thanh, Deputy Director of the Technical Department, Mr. Nguyen Huu long, Vice Director of energy transmission company No. 1, Mr. WO DIN Tewie, Director of energy transmission company No. 4, Mr. Fang Luong Tien, Director, Northern energy project management, management and team of FutureLab LLC.

The business program continued at Skolkovo. There was a meeting with Pavel Krivozubov, head of Robotics and artificial intelligence of Skolkovo, Vadim Alexandrov, head of Adaplab company and Nikita Rodichenko, Director of Tsuru robotics – he held a master class for guests on assembling Nanopix drones and controlling them from a smartphone.