From 17 to 30 September in Dubai (UAE) on the objects of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) held the pre-test of CableWalker system (FutureLab LLC, Russia). The developers demonstrated the basic technology and software for diagnostics and maintenance of overhead power lines.

Meeting with DEWA
Meeting with DEWA

Today, billions of dollars are spent on maintaining the technical condition of electric networks at the required level, but this does not solve the problem of reliability: electric grid companies do not know where the wire will break tomorrow, the support will fall, the insulator will break. For example, in 2003, 10 million people in Canada and 40 million in the USA were left without electricity due to unpredictable overheating of power lines.

“At DEWA, we saw an interest in learning new things, which is often more essential to successful innovation than their quality, economic or technological advantages, which are not always possible to fully appreciate at the start. Despite the fact that the full completion of the development is still far away, a real demonstration of new Russian technologies at the facilities of foreign energy companies is the best confirmation of the benefits of CableWalker system, in comparison with existing international practices, and a unique opportunity for the early release of domestic technologies to the world market”, – said Alexander Lemekh, head of FutureLab LLC.

The participants of the demonstration saw the work of the diagnostic platform of the CableWalker system with the installed video camera and thermal vision camera, take-off and landing on the wire of the platform for applying hydrophobic and anti-corrosion coating, installation and removal of short-circuit indicators from the power line, evaluated the work of the simulator with the 3D model of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority power line, the software of the mobile application.

CableWalker system
CableWalker system in DEWA test side

The prerequisite for the pilot project was the participation of FutureLab in the Middle East Electricity exhibition in Dubai in March 2018.


Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is a state – state company of the United Arab Emirates providing electricity and water in Dubai. DEWA is among the top ten energy companies in the world in terms of efficiency and has ambitious plans to become the best power grid company in the world through the use of artificial intelligence technologies and the Internet of things.