July 27, FutureLab finished the second stream of the Summer School for the project “CableWalker: stage 2”

What is the Summer School?

Summer School is a unique format for including students in startup’s days, with ambitious goals, challenging tasks and fun adventures.

Working day at the Summer School

What can you do in the Summer School?

For students from different institutes and faculties we organized 17 directions:

  1. Production: small series. Here the guys learned how to work on machine tools and create their own details for the CableWalker with their own hands.
  2. The diagnostic team. Participants of this group organized tests, worked with electric grid companies.
  3. Mechatronics: platform, modules, gadgets. The task of this direction was the active refinement of the prototype Kanatohoda.
  4. Software. Here, students worked on a simulator: they created mission scenes, integrated different functionalities.
  5. Digitization of databases. In this group, the guys learned how to create 3D models of poles and power lines.
  6. Autonomous piloting. Participants in this area actively studied neural networks and worked on the recognition of the cable with a copter.
  7. Electronics. The group worked on the integration of a thermal imager and infrared scanner, remote camera control.
  8. Technologies of diagnostics and local repair. Participants in this group developed a device for installing and removing the short-circuit indicator using a copter. More about this we told on our website.
  9. Power balance and charging from overhead lines. This group actively worked on the program of electromagnetic compatibility: collected data from equipment, worked on integration with the simulator, conducted tests.
  10. Economics and business planning. Here students worked with various estimates and financial indicators.
  11. World market. Participants in this area held negotiations with foreign customers and Russian investors, organized work on participation in competitions.
  12. Management of patents. This group filled in applications for patents on two developed technologies.
  13. Organization, direction and management. The duties of this group included working with documents, arranging coffee breaks, arranging business trips.
  14. Legal support. The task of this group was the coordination of investment contracts, preparation of documents for auctions.
  15. Media. Participants in this area worked with the press services, filled the site with content and social networks, interacted with TV channels.
  16. Workplace. The group helped organize for interns an ideal workplace both indoors and outdoors.
  17. Work with customers. Participants of this group worked with Russian electric grid companies, coordinated work on various documents.

A total of 35 UrFU students took part in the Summer School. On the last day of the practice, the curators traditionally congratulated the children, handed their thanks and branded sweatshirts.

Кирилл Берсенёв, студент 2 курса ИНМиТ УрФУ
Kirill Bersenyov, 2nd year student of INMT UrFU, participant of the direction “Electronics”

Reviews of students about the Summer School

For most students, this was a completely new, complex experience. Therefore, the guys gladly shared their emotions and impressions.

“My expectations from the Summer School were fully justified. Here I worked on a simulator: I studied Unity, compiled the architecture of the simulator, and was involved in the generation of terrain. I liked being part of a promising start-up, working on new tasks for me and feeling that the work done was really useful, ” said Anton Lisovenko, a 3-year student of the UrFU, a participant in the “Software” direction.

Антон Лисовенко, студент 3 курса ИЕНиМ УрФУ
Anton Lisovenko, 3-year student of the UrFU, participant of the “Software”

“Usually in practice, students are given those tasks that employees are too lazy to do during their working hours. In the FutureLab everything is the other way round: it is a friendly team where everyone is working on a serious project. Especially I liked understanding curators who are able to teach new skills, “- shared Polina Michurova, a student of the 1st course of the Higher School of Economics of the UrFU, a participant in the direction “Organization, direction and management “.

Summer School 2018 has become truly international. We gladly accepted the children not only from Russia, but also from Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Bangladesh. The work on the present project so delayed the participants that many decided to stay with us after the practice.

Группа «Производство: малая серия»
A friendly group “Production: a small series”, together with the curator – Anton Chernyshev

“We are sure that it is possible to become a real expert, a true engineer, only during work on real demanded tasks. The Summer School on the project “CableWalker: Stage 2″ just gives students the opportunity to discover their potential, to receive useful practical skills and temper the character,” said Alexander Lemekh, the head of the FutureLab.

Участники Летней школы и кураторы направлений
Participants of the Summer School and direction curators

You can see the photo-reports of the work days of the Summer School in our social networks: VKontakte, Instagram and Facebook.