On Friday 27.07 the crew of the Sverdlovsk Regional Television came to visit the FutureLab to get acquainted with the project CableWalker.

Kirill Taube, programmer of the FutureLab, showed to the journalists what our robotic system consists of and what it is for.

“This is a hexacopter. It has a high-resolution camera and a wheel module. The platform takes off, sits wheels on the wire, turns off the engines and rides on the wire. We are directly close to defects and can inspect them qualitatively, “– Kirill said.

Kirill Taube, programmer of the FutureLab, tells about the functionality of the CableWalker

After getting acquainted with the platform, the journalists made a close-up of the work of all the directions of the Summer School, which is now taking place in the Laboratory of the Future. More than 30 students from different institutes and departments receive practical skills in our startup: they learn to work in a team and solve complex engineering problems.

The “Electronics” group of our Summer School

Then Alexey Sokolov, chief engineer of the FutureLab, gave the interview to journalists.

“We can conduct an accurate diagnosis of any element, for example, magnetic scanning of the steel core of steel-aluminum wire. There can be a defect, and a defect can cause the wire to break, this will cause a short circuit and the repayment of a large number of consumers. We can find a place where the wire breaks tomorrow, ” – Aleksei said.

Alexey Sokolov, chief engineer of the FutureLab, talked about the relevance of the project

After communicating with the staff, we invited journalists to shoot the installation of short-circuit indicators using a copter. Konstantin Terekhov, a member of the Laboratory, successfully demonstrated the entire process on the test bench. More about this development, we recently told on our website.

Konstantin Terekhov, a member of the FutureLab, showed the installation and removal of an SCI with copter

As a result, we received a short report for Ural viewers about the work of our startup.

You can see a textual report on the site of the OTV.