Putting anticorrosive and deicing coating on ground wire – a relevant task for all electric grid companies.

In the far Eastern region of Russia frost is added to a problem of corrosion: in the winter at the increased humidity on wires the ice crust is formed – it provokes wire breakage.

We have developed the special greasing device for the solution of these problems and have built in it the robotic complex CableWalker. The drone flies up, sits down on a rope, moves on him by means of rollers and evenly puts a lubricant layer to the line from all directions.

CableWalker at the Future Lab test bench with S-70 cable

We have confirmed possibilities of the developed technology during independent tests: the covering is put evenly on a rope section circle, thickness of a svezhenanesenny covering about 1 mm.

The greased S-70 cable

Our device of coating is capable to work with all range of the lightning-protective cables applied on power lines up to 330 kV.