How to the team of innovators to overcome difficulties, “to spread wings” and to come to the level of profitable business?

On July 12 at the INNOPROM industrial exhibition there has taken place representation of innovative developments of participants of the 8th season of the Accelerator UrFU to industrial partners and investors.

The accelerator UrFU is a business program which provides the accelerated development of business projects (stratap) of various orientation at any stages of development.

To inspire finalists, before protection of projects was addressed by Alexander Lemekh, the head of Future Lab. He has told what impact on development of the CableWalker project was exerted by the Accelerator UrFU.

“Today we develop a robotic system for power lines monitoring and maintenance CableWalker. In him we have united an eagle and already – the eagle flies up and is joined to a power wire of a power line. Further on her creeps and carries out necessary control.

When we have a few years ago thought on what platform we want to do this project, before us there were several options, including the large industrial enterprises. However we have come to a conclusion that really innovative projects can be done only at the university. So we have come to the Accelerator UrFU”, – Alexander Lemekh has shared reminiscence.

Alexander Lemekh, head of Future Lab

In total 14 people have taken part in the program of the eighth Accelerator. Alexander Bazhutin’s project – the medicine Reotsitan became the winner and the owner of the diploma of the first degree. Development creates the maximum comprehensibility of calcium in an organism without emergence of side effects. The diploma of the second degree was gained by Alyona Molodnyakova with the educational LigroGame platform, the diploma of the third degree was handed to Konstantin Kiselyov for the project of the international online service of booking of a transfer worldwide. Also the diploma of the third degree was gained by Konstantin Neuymin’s project – the video conference hardware and software.