On July 2 in Laboratory of the future the Summer school on the project CableWaker. Stage 2. More than 20 students UrFU, UGGU and USUE became full-fledged participants of our innovative company and have begun work on creation of unique technology – a robotic system for power lines monitoring and maintenance CableWalker.

Children were divided on groups and have begun work under the leadership of our moderators. In total we have organized 17 directions of Summer school:

  1. Production: small series
  2. Brigade
  3. Mechatronics: platform, modules, gadgets
  4. Software
  5. Digitization of databases
  6. Autonomous piloting
  7. Electronics
  8. Technologies of diagnostics and local repair
  9. Energy balance and charging from VL
  10. Economy and business planning
  11. World market
  12. Patents management
  13. Organization and management
  14. Legal maintenance
  15. Media maintenance
  16. Workplace
  17. Work with customers

“The summer school will become the platform for creation of the business and marketing plan of scaling of the CableWalker project in the world market. Together with participants we will make a small series of complexes in which are already interested in the UAE, Togo and Equatorial Guinea”, – Alexander Lemekh, the project manager has told.

During the occupations children will get practical experience of creation of gadgets and management of them, will be able to collect material for further academic year and degree projects, will have an opportunity to become a part the Future Lab team.

Первый день Летней школы по проекту «Канатоход: Стадия 2»
The first day of Summer school on the project CableWalker. Stage 2

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