A presentation of the CableWalker to Samaraneftegaz and SamaraNIPIneft was held in Samara. In the meeting from the FutureLab took part:

  • Stas Voronov, Software Engineer;
  • Alexey Sokolov, CTO;
  • Alexei Vankov, Design Engineer;
  • Igor Smirnov, programmer.
Central office of Samaraneftegaz
Presentation at Samaraneftegaz

After a successful presentation and answers to the questions, the team went to the city of Otradny to demonstrate the CableWalker diagnostic system at the energy management training ground. During the tests, we showed colleagues the capabilities of our robotic system: flight, landing on wire and shooting. CableWalker successfully completed all tasks and gently landed.

Demonstration of CableWalker at the energy management training ground
Discussion of test results