In Hanoi, the employees of the FutureLab met with representatives of Vietnam Electricity (EVN), the largest energy company of Vietnam: EVN NPC and EVN NPT. EVN operates power stations with a capacity of 8860 MW and a distribution network of about 20,000 km in length.

Preparation for the meeting

“EVNNPC monitors power lines 110 kV and below, EVNNPT – 220 kV and higher. Foreign colleagues were extremely interested in digitizing transmission lines and demonstrating CableWalker’s work in practice: automatic docking, the possibility of diagnostics in mountainous regions, “said Alexander Lemekh, head of the Laboratory.

The business program was organized by colleagues from Sytec, a company supplying equipment.

(from left to right): Irina Burlakova, Head of International Supply; Alexander Lemech, head of the FutureLab; Ngun Man Hai, Technical Support Engineer Sytec

We hope this is not our last visit to Southeast Asia.