On June 7-8, chief engineer A. Sokolov, the FutureLab LLC, presented a project of a Robotic system for power lines monitoring and maintenance CableWalker at the events of the Russian-Mongolian initiative in Ulaanbaatar. The organizer of the business program was the Russian Export Center jointly with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mongolia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia.

The first day of the business mission is the speech of the Mongolian President H. Battulga

At the event we held meetings with the specialists of the national electric power company of Mongolia National Transmission Power Grid: Chinbat Altangerel, Senior Procurement and Supply Specialist, Myagmar Deleg-Ochir, Senior System Engineer, Baatar Ayur, communication engineer, Nergui Chuluunkhuu, head of IT department.

Meeting with National Transmission Power Grid

As A. Sokolov said: “Power transmission lines in Mongolia voltage 110 and 220 kV, including types of poles, fittings and wires, the same type with the Russian. Natural conditions are also comparable: mostly flat steppe and mountainous terrain, in winter frosts to -40 ° C. Therefore, we invited colleagues to make a demonstration implementation of our complex: digitize power line, conduct diagnostics and compile a report. “

The transmission lines in Mongolia are similar to the Russian ones

After the completion of the main part of the business program, a meeting was held with Mr. T. Anandbazar, president of one of the largest multinational companies in Mongolia, Sod Mongol Group, specializing in trade, construction, tourism, entertainment and other areas.