FutureLab for the first time in Russia worked out the technology of magnetic scanning of ground wire of the overhead line with the use of a drone. At the stand of 35 kV overhead line of the Training Center of IDGC of Urals, we conducted independent testing of the technology with the diagnostic system CableWalker.

For work was made a modification of the magnetic flaw detector Intros by Intron Plus. Today, CableWalker is able to scan the entire range of lightning-proof cables and steel cores of wires used on power lines up to 330 kV. During these tests, the lightning protection cable of the S-50 brand became the object of diagnostics for the magnetic flaw detector.

On the eve of the tests at the Training Center, we tested the technology on our own stand. To simulate a change in the cross-section of the cable, we glued a ferromagnetic wire centrally.

Defect created
Test flaw obtained in the Intros software. On the defectogram distinctly an artificially created defect is displayed

After testing at our own stand, we conducted tests at the IDGC Training Center. We successfully completed the docking of the CableWalker system with a lightning protection cable and moved with the magnetic scanner turned on in the area between the supports.

Mobile platform of the system CableWalker with the ground wire of the training center of IDGC of the Urals
Defectogram of lightning-wire rope

The video camera and the suspension of the CableWalker can be controlled and focused both at remote sites and at facilities near the diagnostic system. The stereo camera detects the docking object.

Single insulator
Stretch insulating suspension made of glass insulators
Linear fittings

The tests showed a significant improvement in the flight characteristics of the CableWalker and controllability of the flying platform, the quality of monitoring of overhead lines and a significant increase in the efficiency of magnetic scanning of ground wire.

Also during the tests, we confirmed the possibility of instrumental defectoscopy of steel lightning protection cables and steel cores of steel-aluminum wires using a magnetic scanner on the mobile platform of the CableWalker system.