From 6 to 8 March 2018 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) was held the international industrial exhibition Middle East Electricity (MEE), covering all aspects of electricity production.

MEE first took place 42 years ago, gradually gaining strength, it firmly took its place as an event of global importance, participation in which enhances the prestige of the exhibitor. This year the expositions presented more than 400 sectors of electrical and power production in the areas of electricity generating and lighting equipment, renewable energy sources, nuclear power engineering and water technologies.

One of the exhibitors representing the Russian Federation was the small innovative enterprise FutureLab LLCs (Ekaterinburg) and maintenance of overhead power transmission lines CableWalker.

Throughout the event, the project CableWalker enjoyed the increased attention of guests and exhibitors. During the presentation, the team of the FutureLab actively interacted with representatives of companies interested in this development. Thus, it was possible to establish its presence in the new market and designate the “growth points” of the project.

Based on the results of three days of the exhibition, 157 contacts were received from companies of the electric power complex from 47 countries. According to requests received from the guests of the stand, about 50 letters were sent with presentation materials about the project for more detailed acquaintance and further presentation in their companies.

More than 20 electric grid companies from different countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Philippines and others) have requested commercial offers for the purchase of the CableWalker diagnostic complex, a number of companies have indicated an interest in conducting pilot projects on their territory.

Within the framework of the exhibition, substantive negotiations were held between the FutureLab and the Middle East company Aamal Group, the first foreign contract on joint market research for 20 thousand dollars was signed, which was the first real step to the market of the Middle East.

Participation in Middle East Electricity, the largest electric power exhibition in the Middle East, clearly demonstrates the openness of the Middle East market for the implementation of such projects as CableWalker, and the readiness of foreign companies to actively interact with Russian developers. During the negotiations and interaction with the guests and participants of the exhibition, it was possible to identify a number of new directions for the development of the project for both foreign and domestic interest.