No shutdown

Spatial delivery of diagnostic equipment without switching off the power line.

Quality of diagnosis

Low energy losses & wireless charging during the movement on the cable.

Close contact

Detailed inspection without vibration, the possibility of using contact devices.

Project annotation

Cablewalker is a new technology of digital diagnostics, maintenance and local repair of elements without switching off the power line. We seek to give our customers the following capabilities:

  • To perform automated diagnostics of the high-voltage lines from substation to substation
  • To provide accurate knowledge of standard quality for planning of repairs
  • To exclude deaths in the production, significantly reduce the damage to health
  • To relieve the load from the personnel diagnosing and preparing reports, to carry out all requirements of control authorities
Effectiveness of inspection
Risk of accident
Мониторинг состояния линии электропередачи

Decrease the average number of disconnections for maintenance in a year 50%
Decrease the average number of sustained disconnections 100%
Decrease the average number of defects by 100km 100%
Decrease the average time of technological disruptions 100%
Decrease the average time of technological disruption per 100km 100%

CableWalker can be used in the following kinds of activities:

  • Digital research & design
  • Digital author’s supervision and building control
  • Digital monitoring of condition of the high voltage line’s elements
  • Digitization of power grid facilities
  • Automatized evaluation of risks of emergencies
  • Robotized repair of minor damage of cables
  • Automatized formation of list of defects
  • Analysis of condition of the high-voltage elements for revealing of energy losses

CableWalker simulator

Visual programming of the system is carried out using a special software - the Simulator. Its operator plans the trajectory of the movement of the device, objects and control technology - creates a diagnostic mission.

The mission passed in the Simulator is saved by the operator and loaded into the on-board computer of the System. According to the mission, CableWalker performs the flight task and stores the diagnostic results in the database (Video data; Laser, Thermographic or Magnetic scanning).

Direct contact

Better diagnostics quality


Excluding of occupational injuries and deaths

Integration w/ IS

Specification of scanning trajectory in a simulator, integrations with information systems

Autonomous control

Coupling, movement, mission

Round-the-clock mode of operation


No shutdown

Top engineering inspection without disconnecting the lines

Efficient remote control

of power line via cloud service and augmented reality

Charging from the power line

Work from substation to substation


Working in hard-to-reach places (mountains, long transitions, swamps)