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Despite what the name Sloppy Joe suggests to many outside the Garden State, this Jersey sandwich does not actually come stuffed with ground beef swimming in tomato sauce. This regional delicacy is in fact something totally different and vastly more delicious, if you ask locals. Created in 1934 at Town Hall Deli in South Orange, the sandwich is still a sought after staple all these years later.

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(1) Buy decisions that are made along the downward path of the cars as they glide, tumble, or free fall on the (undefined by calendar partition) track of time. It’s probably smarter to ride in the ones that provide warranty protection in the form of dividend payments, a history of profitability, a low P/E, and high fundamental quality ratings. Even such stalwarts, in spite of their intrinsic value, will occasionally become available at fire sale prices; so don’t even think of buying them until they have started down the hill by at least 20%.

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If you hear a song on the radio that you don’t know, stick the microphone of your iPod near the speaker vicinity and turn on Shazam. Press the big blue button in the middle of the app to start recording the music. After about 10 seconds, Shazam will have enough information to «Tag» the song.

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